Leisurely driving through town to scope out holiday light displays is a long-standing tradition in my family, and over the years I have seen some jaw-dropping decorations. But I hadn’t seen anyone combine the flexibility of 3D projection mapping with their Christmas lights until just recently. Youtube user camman475 has put together a holiday production that is sure to one-up (or perhaps annoy) the neighbors.

Spotlighting the Grinch in 2010, last year he went even further, bringing together synchronized music with family videos and special effects. When the architectural details of the house are highlighted, it gives the effect of hanging traditional strings of holiday lights, but without the danger of falling off a ladder or the irritation of decorating during inclement weather.

Here’s hoping he posts a video of his display for this year soon! The increase in scope between 2010 and 2011 suggests that 2012 will blow them both out of the water.

What’s your opinion? Do you prefer more understated and traditional holiday decorations? Or are you a fan of these (increasingly common) lavishly synchronized displays?

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