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Time To Stock Up

I’ve been thinking about starting a website about stock photos.  If you spend enough time as a graphic designer, you begin to understand that the weird world of stock photography is chocked full of all sorts of visually stunning gems that you just want to share with other people.

For instance, women eating salad and smiling.  There’s actually a blog about it.

I’m so happy I could eat this whole bowl of healthy and delicious salad that I’m tilting towards the camera.

If you make me eat one more bowl of salad I am going to stab you with this fork.

If you make me eat one more bowl of salad I am going to stab you with this fork.

 Hipsters taking pictures of things with vintage cameras:

I bought this camera at a thrift store. I’m not even sure if it works.

I only take pictures of things that are profoundly ironic.

I only take pictures of things that are profoundly ironic.

 Unnerving retro images:

Which came first, the 1920′s movie star or the egg?

Betty, could you pass me my banana smoothie?

Well, Ladies, this is it. If we win this round on America’s Got Talent, we’re going to Vegas!

 Crazy stuff that makes no sense:

Fruit Ninja meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Fruit.

Fruit Ninja meets Teenage Mutant Ninja Fruit.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of amazing stock imagery out there like:

Doggies riding horses:

I’m pretty sure I gave this card to my mom one year for her birthday. Something about teaching an old dog new tricks.

 Doggies pushing ladies in strollers:

Evelyn had no idea that a cliff was nearby. That would teach her to feed him dry dog food instead of canned.

 Business people shaking hands:

Wow.  Boring.

Wow. Boring.

A little better.

A little better.

The dynamism of this image just kills me!

The dynamism of this image just kills me!

And then there’s this woman:

As of today, she’s in over 3,000 Shutterstock Images.  I see her everywhere; on Billboards, in banner ads, in magazines and in that flyer you get every week with coupons for carpet cleaning and replacement windows.  In fact, I just saw her yesterday.  I feel as if I know her personally.  I’ve named her Mandy.  She looks like a Mandy.

Here's Mandy eating some salad.

Here’s Mandy eating some salad.

Selfie in Europe. Lucky Mandy!

Here she is shopping in Barcelona.

And shopping in Barcelona.


After perusing a stock website for a while, a designer can lose her hold on reality and start to believe in the finely crafted version of reality that includes photoshopping, cropping, and staged board meetings filled with perky 20 somethings wearing slightly out of style business attire.

To break free of this state of mind I suggest searching for “Baby Animals”







You’re Welcome!

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Horseback Riding And Hunting…

This coming weekend is opening firearm season for deer hunting in Indiana. Being respectful and courteous is the way we can all share the woods and enjoy fall at the same time. hunting Although I don’t particularly like the chilly weather, my horses do. Without the heat and the flies, fall is the prime time to go trail riding and to enjoy the great outdoors. The beautiful colors throughout the woods attract so many people (hikers, bikers, ATVs, horseback riders and hunters), so we need to be courteous in order for all of us to enjoy our hobbies safely. Continue Reading…

Custom Holiday Greetings













Are you one of those companies that sends out a generic printed Holiday Card?

You know the kind: a snowy night, a star shining down on a quaint cabin, and gold foil snowflakes falling gently…

Don't be these guys!

Don’t be these guys!













At Blue Pony, we’re here to stop the sappy, sappy madness.

Enter the crazy, unique, and wildly imaginative Animated Holiday Greeting.

Celebrate the Season in style with a custom animation that will knock your clients’ socks off and
keep them talking long after the fruit cake, ham, and green bean casserole induced food coma has worn off.

Blue Pony can help you dream up an amazing digital greeting that  would make the sugar plum fairy proud.

Watch our Holiday Demo reel to envision the possibilities.

But hurry, December 25th will be here before you can say “Saint Nick”!

For more info or to get a quote contact us via email or phone: 260-969-1020





12 Principles of Animation

Animation is a complex form of art.  Depending on the style (Realistic, Cartoony, Simplified, etc.), and depending on the medium (3D, 2D, Stop Motion, etc.), there are many techniques, rules and guidelines that an animator must follow.  However, regardless of the style or medium, there are 12 basic principles of animation that always hold true.  These 12 principles were established by Disney’s infamous “Old Men” in the 1930’s, and are still universally regarded as the standards for quality animation today.  Let’s take a look…

Continue Reading…

1st Annual Blue Pony Chili Cook-off

With cool, fall weather taking place here in Indiana, we had the idea to have a chili cook-off. It proved to be an amazing idea, with all the entries being delicious, and everybody enjoying the experience! We had 8 batches of chili, all with a different style, and it really came down to personal preference in order to vote for your favorite. Travis Nichols took the win for best chili, with his smoked brisket infused recipe. Hoping this becomes an annual Blue Pony event, which is very likely to happen!

8 Pots of Chili to taste test

8 Pots of Chili to taste test


We went through 200 of these sample cups!


Winning Chili Recipe









Yesterday, Blue Pony had their 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off. Travis Nichols has been asked to share his winning recipe.

Blue Pony Chili Cook-Off Winning Recipe:

3 cups celery, chopped

3 small jalapenos, thinly sliced

3 purple onions, chopped

Sauté the vegetables in vegetable oil or bacon grease until translucent.


Then add:

4 cloves of garlic, pressed. Sauté for about 30 seconds.

Add the following spices and bloom them in the hot oil with the vegetables.

½ cup + 2 TBL chili powder (I use Pendery’s Original Chile Blend which is available in the Central Market bulk section or here: )

2 tsp. smoked paprika

2 tsp. cayenne

1 TBL. cumin

2 tsp. Mexican oregano

2 tsp. granulated onion

2 tsp. granulated garlic


Once this mixture has bloomed, add:

1 c. red wine (Pinot Noir or Claret). Reduce the wine down for about 10 minutes.


Then add:

1 -14 oz. can tomato sauce

3 -15 oz. cans diced tomatoes

3 cups LOW SODIUM beef stock/broth

12 oz. V-8 juice

3 TBL. Knorr Tomato Bouillon w/ Chicken Flavor (powdered)

2 TBL. of whatever rub you use on the brisket (if other than salt and pepper)

2 ½ lbs. of cooked smoked brisket, cut into 3/8” cubes



1 or 2 -20 oz. cans of pinto beans, drained and rinsed.

1 lb. bacon

1 Pablano pepper

Test and add salt to taste


(All the peppers and brisket were smoked)


Winner of the Blue Pony 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off Contest is Travis Nichols. Travis received over 1/2 of all votes cast. Congratulations Travis!

Blue Pony Chili Cook-Off Winner!

Blue Pony Chili Cook-Off Winner!

By the looks of Travis' empty pot, obviously it was good!

By the looks of Travis’ empty pot, obviously it was good!