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Blue Pony works with RTI International Metals, Inc.

RTI International Metals, Inc. tapped Blue Pony to create the interactive technology within their booth space in Europe.

The touch screens supported the high end, innovative feel they wanted in their chalet.

Why You Need a Project Manager

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Me: Hello! My name is Katey and I’ll be your project manager today. How can I help you?

You: Say what now? I didn’t order any “project manager.”

Me: I now come standard with a majority of all Blue Pony projects.

You: Riiiiiiiight. So, what do you DO exactly?

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What Does Blue Pony Do?

Answering the Question… “What does Blue Pony do?”

This is the question that I both love and hate. It can be very easy to answer one minute and difficult the next.

This is the question that I both love and hate. It can be very easy to answer one minute and difficult the next.

I get asked this question almost every time I tell someone where I work. By now, you figure I would be a pro at answering that particular question. The reality of it is, Blue Pony serves our clients needs in the best way possible. I know that doesn’t help you understand what we do in any way yet, but we will get to that.

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Blue Pony – Celebrate Summer!

Blue Pony asked kids about their favorite summer activities. We got some great responses! A big thanks goes out to all the kids that participated in our Celebrate Summer video.

Blue Pony participates in Chalk Walk


It began with chalk and a brush.

It began with chalk and a brush.

BP Chalk Walk Working

A little bit here and a little bit there. Chalk, brush, smear, blend… over and over.

Look at the detail Blue Pony artists create with chalk. Wow!

Look at the detail Blue Pony artists create with chalk. Wow!

Finished product. NOW THAT'S TALENT!!

Finished product. NOW THAT’S TALENT!!

KareyFeaturedKarey Davis
is Sales & Marketing Director at Blue Pony

VFX Compositing Techniques

After 6 months of VFX Compositing classes, learning the ins and outs of color correction, CG lighting, and 2 programs that I had never used before(Nuke and Maya), a new respect was discovered for the artists who create the special effects we see in films. My interest in this industry started at a young age, after seeing Jurassic Park.


The first dinosaur we see!


Then, there’s that first glimpse of the T-Rex! Unforgettable!

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ROI for your APP


Although we work on a variety of different types of projects for our clients, there is one type that always ranks in our favorites: the interactive application.

Apps are so much fun for us to build, largely because there is an inherent excitement in putting the power of navigation literally at the user’s fingertips. The opportunity to design at touch interface gives us freedom to really think outside the box and indulge in technology that makes us feel as cool as the NASA crew.

So let’s imagine that you want to turn your product portfolio, sales process, or marketing collateral into an engaging interactive experience. Of course you want those cutting-edge features: every bell, all the whistles, and maybe even the kitchen sink, now that you think about it. However, that impressive sort of app represents such a large portion of your marketing budget that is seems too cost prohibitive.

But creating solutions that balance features and budgets is what we do every day! It is our commitment to you to be budget obedient while providing a great end product and smooth design process. So over the years, we’ve learned a few strategies that can help making a full-featured app more cost effective.

Consider this: Your marketing team wants an interactive app for that big trade show coming up. You want the app to make a big impact on the potential clients at the expo, but the price tag on those standout features makes your budget cringe in fear.

How can you afford the expense of the high-end interfaces that will set you apart from the crowd when you’re only going to use the app once? That’s when you have to think beyond the exhibition! While launching an application at a trade show is a great start, since the publicity is good for both clients and employees, you don’t want to only use it once when it took so much time, effort, and moolah to create! After all, you want to see a return on your investment, right?

That’s what we mean when we say we want to give you your ROI on your APP.

Instead of thinking of this app as an one-time-only blowout, we’ll work with you to conceive an app that will not only wow your clients, but will benefit your sales staff in their jobs every day. Once we can incorporate the needs of several departments, you’ll find that your blockbuster application has become a long-term investment for multiple branches of the company. And the more mileage you can get out of your app, the more flexible your budget can be.

By focusing on an app that can be utilized for an extended period of time by many employees, you can better assemble a budget that will provide for the top-of-the-line features you want to make an impact on your clientele.

You can have the groundbreaking app you’ve been wishing for! And we’ll help you get it.

Check out some of our recent interactive projects here.


Time To Celebrate

The stable is stirring on this beautiful Thursday afternoon in Northeastern Indiana. The weather is simply perfect, not too hot, not too cold, the grass is green and healthy, the sun is shining, and in just a few short hours the team will begin a 3 day weekend! The anticipation of the weekend can be read on every face. The moods are chipper, and we are frequently interrupting productivity to share stories, graze on the spread of carry in food, and hurl friendly banter about just, well, anything.

We are in celebration mode and for good reason. The long weekend marks an important holiday, celebrating our history, our freedoms, and our traditions. July 4th will be time for all of us to enjoy life, our families and friends, and good eats and treats! July 2014 also marks another special occasion for Blue Pony as we celebrate 10 years in business. Where has the time gone? Continue Reading…