Blue Pony wants to wish all our friends a Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter

Training The Next Creative Director

Nathan is traveling again for Blue Pony so we are training a back up. Starting this one out right… snacking is the first step to get the creative juices flowing!

Nathan's Temp

Feeding Time


The Ponies had a breakfast carry-in today. Wow… it has to be nap time now!Blue Pony Feeding Time

Happy Birthday Keersten!


Happy Birthday Keersten!

This is the only way you are going to get to see your cake in tact because the other ponies in your stable were hungry. Thanks from your “Team Pony Herd”!Keersten's Cake



Blue Pony Team at Exhibitor2014 in LV on St. Patrick’s Day! #ShowOffYourShades



No excuses to not make it to work since this pony is powered by a FORD! Just wanted to show what I had to make it through in order to get to the Pony Stable over the past week.

Ford Power

Feeding Time??

Feeding TimeBlue Pony Team working through their lunch to meet deadlines. Dedication is the key to a stable stable… GO PONY POWER!!

Motion Graphic Design Position Available:

BP main logo

Blue Pony Design, a Fort Wayne based Visual Media Design Company is looking to add to their creative production team. A full time position in Motion Graphic Design is being offered. Competency in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop is a must. Optional software competencies in Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, Cinema 4D, are preferred. Applicants would be expected to contribute to design discussions including concept development, brainstorming, and critique. Team collaboration and client interaction are common throughout every design day. Blue Pony is a growing team delivering highly creative and technical projects every day. Are you the right fit? Apply today by emailing resume and portfolio links to hr@bluepony.com.

Blue Pony… Work or Play?

Blue Pony is hard at WORK today PLAYING poker. Really... Blue Pony on a video shoot for client.

Blue Pony is hard at WORK today PLAYING poker. Really… Blue Pony is on a video shoot for client. Just one of the many talents of the Ponies!