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Joel Nichols // An owners 2016 resolution

My 2016 resolution: I will expect more from myself and those around me. I will lead us to

change how we design, produce and fulfill our products. We will create products that change

how the market perceives itself and us. I will irritate and frustrate our competitors, customers,

dealers and staff as to where we are going. I will challenge staff that is uncomfortable with

change if we are the right fit for them. I do not expect the market to create a single opportunity

for us. We must create our own opportunities outside of our offices and our comfort zone. 2016

will be the best year in our companies history, I love it!!

Joel Nichols :: Entrepreneur

Happy Thanksgiving!


BPThanksgiving2015(Click for larger image)

Get out your stretchy pants, tie a napkin around your neck, and get your gobble on!

Blue Pony wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

Sometimes it IS all fun and games!

Last week, Blue Pony was in Las Vegas at the 2015 EventTech Conference. We built a custom game for the show, utilizing Microsoft Kinect technology.

The game lets players use their hands to catch falling casino chips, preventing them from falling off the screen. As the 30 second game session continues, the chips begin to fall faster, increasing the difficulty. Each of the four chip types have different values, which encourages the player to think fast and develop a strategy if they want to earn a spot on the scoreboard.

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Ponies On The Road

The past few days, some of our herd has been traveling to do a video shoot near Batesville, Indiana. If you see one of our ponies on the road, be sure and say hey (or hay)! They should be headed home soon to Blue Pony Stable.

Ponies Traveling Home

Ponies Traveling Home

“Old Dogs and New Tricks”

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” 

Dog Reading


How many times have you heard this old saying as an excuse for not trying something new or avoiding a fresh approach? Animal experts say that a dog of almost any age can learn new tricks. So, this is true for the human too. Humans, including myself in the past, have a tendency to say, “I’m too old to change.” And then I came to work at Blue Pony.

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Hello, Winter

Well, winter has finally arrived, for better or worse. With temperatures barely managing to creep out of the negatives, it’s easy to feel pretty bitter about the shift in weather.

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