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Toe-mato, Tuh-mato

A bumper crop of varieties

A bumper crop of varieties

The Amazing Tomato

In honor of the bountiful harvest most people here in Indiana are enjoying in their backyard gardens right now, here are some fun facts about tomatoes.  Thanks to Wikipedia, which is of course, the authority on all things tomato.

The tomato is possibly one of the world’s most versatile and misunderstood fruits.  Yes, we said fruit,  since it contains the ovary and seeds of the tomato plant.

The tomato is a member of the nightshade family.  Plants in this family include potatoes, eggplants, chili peppers and bell peppers.  Some varieties, like the deadly nightshade and the bittersweet nightshade, are highly poisonous. Thankfully, tomatoes aren’t.

The Bittersweet nightshade's berries look like tiny tomatoes.

The Bittersweet Nightshade’s berries look like tiny tomatoes.


Tomatoes are bad for you?

For many hundreds of years the British and their colonist cousins across the pond thought tomatoes were bad for you.  Meanwhile, the Italians and Spaniards were happily munching on them with no ill effect.

Plymouth Village was a tomato free zone.

Plymouth Village was a tomato free zone.


The Golden Apple

The tomato’s native habitat is the South American Andes, but it was first eaten in Mexico starting at around 500 BC.  After the Spanish colonization of the Americas, tomatoes spread worldwide.

The first tomatoes brought to Europe were yellow and were called Golden apples, or love apples.  The Italian word for tomato is still pomodoro, which means apple of gold.

Golden Goodness

Golden Goodness


Bonjourno Italia!

The earliest European tomato recipe was published in Naples in 1692.  Thus began Italy’s love affair with the tomato.  We’re not sure what they ate before that!

Caesar never got to taste the sweet, juicy goodness of a tomato topped pizza.

It’s theorized that the fall of ancient Rome had something to do with the shocking lack of tomatoes.


Tomatoes Everywhere!

Tomatoes come in thousands of varieties including slicing, beefsteak, plum, cherry, grape, Campari, heirloom, and many more.  Tomatoes are packed with nutrients including lycopene, one of the most powerful antioxidants.  They also contain vitamin A and Vitamin C.

The heaviest tomato ever weighted in at just over 7 pounds.  That’s alot of salsa, and those are some amazing facts about the tomato!

This is not the world's biggest tomato.

This is not the world’s biggest tomato.

TalithaFeaturedTalitha Benner
is a Designer at Blue Pony


 I have been at Blue Pony for over two years now. It is hard to believe time has gone by so quickly. Working for a company as unique as Blue Pony is an exciting adventure. In one word, I can sum up why Blue Pony is successful:



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Viking Chess

As a designer here at Blue Pony, and a digital artist in my free time, I spend a good chunk of my life looking at a computer screen.  I love the what I do, but sometimes I feel as though my health and sanity would benefit from being outdoors more often. I’ve always had plenty of outdoor interests, such as golf, frisbee, and lawn games, but this summer I discovered a new lawn game that has proven to be more than just an interest. It’s been my favorite summer activity, hands down. The name of the game is Viking Chess. Never heard of it? That’s probably because it’s more commonly referred to as Kubb (pronounced koob). Still nothing? Well let me take this opportunity to share with you perhaps the most fun lawn game of all time…

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Blue Pony enjoys Wise Guys Ice

Our team had the honor of trying Wise Guys Ice yesterday thanks to recycle money.

What a great idea to give back for recycling efforts.

Thanks Joel & Keersten!1270305_732015470147768_444181613_o

Blue Pony works with RTI International Metals, Inc.

RTI International Metals, Inc. tapped Blue Pony to create the interactive technology within their booth space in Europe.

The touch screens supported the high end, innovative feel they wanted in their chalet.

Why You Need a Project Manager

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Me: Hello! My name is Katey and I’ll be your project manager today. How can I help you?

You: Say what now? I didn’t order any “project manager.”

Me: I now come standard with a majority of all Blue Pony projects.

You: Riiiiiiiight. So, what do you DO exactly?

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What Does Blue Pony Do?

Answering the Question… “What does Blue Pony do?”

This is the question that I both love and hate. It can be very easy to answer one minute and difficult the next.

This is the question that I both love and hate. It can be very easy to answer one minute and difficult the next.

I get asked this question almost every time I tell someone where I work. By now, you figure I would be a pro at answering that particular question. The reality of it is, Blue Pony serves our clients needs in the best way possible. I know that doesn’t help you understand what we do in any way yet, but we will get to that.

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Blue Pony – Celebrate Summer!

Blue Pony asked kids about their favorite summer activities. We got some great responses! A big thanks goes out to all the kids that participated in our Celebrate Summer video.

Blue Pony participates in Chalk Walk


It began with chalk and a brush.

It began with chalk and a brush.

BP Chalk Walk Working

A little bit here and a little bit there. Chalk, brush, smear, blend… over and over.

Look at the detail Blue Pony artists create with chalk. Wow!

Look at the detail Blue Pony artists create with chalk. Wow!

Finished product. NOW THAT'S TALENT!!

Finished product. NOW THAT’S TALENT!!

KareyFeaturedKarey Davis
is Sales & Marketing Director at Blue Pony

VFX Compositing Techniques

After 6 months of VFX Compositing classes, learning the ins and outs of color correction, CG lighting, and 2 programs that I had never used before(Nuke and Maya), a new respect was discovered for the artists who create the special effects we see in films. My interest in this industry started at a young age, after seeing Jurassic Park.


The first dinosaur we see!


Then, there’s that first glimpse of the T-Rex! Unforgettable!

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