New Pony and The Difference Between Film and Animation

posted by Blayke
May 30, 2014

As the newest member of the design team, I’ve really enjoyed settling in and getting to know everybody over the past three months.

It would honestly be near impossible to find a group of nicer and more welcoming people than the ones here at Blue Pony.  I could best describe the atmosphere here in two words: easy-going, and hard-working. (Maybe four words?) Either way, it’s a great environment to be in. I look forward to becoming a full-grown, well-groomed, stallion of a pony someday.

Outside of work, I have a wide range of interests, including golf, longboarding, cooking, painting, and a hot plate of delicious Spicy BBQ chicken wings.  However, my most cherished pastime, and what inspired me to become an animator/designer in the first place, is watching film. I got hooked early on, like so many of us did, by the Disney classics.

(My favorites from top to bottom)

sword and the stonerobin hoodalladin

“How in the world are these things made!?” I remember asking myself as a young lad.  “Magic” was the only reasonable answer I could conjure up.  Years later, after attending school and learning more about filmmaking and animation, I discovered my explanation wasn’t too far off.  I believe there is a sense of magic that exists in good films.  That is, when every aspect of a film (dialogue, acting, editing, score, story, cinematography, etc.) works effectively and harmoniously together, the result is a masterpiece.


Very different films, but both very aweseome.

Sounds simple right? All a director has to do is bestow his/her grand vision on upon hundreds, or even thousands, of crew members and trust they can provide satisfactory results. Directors who can pull this sort of feat off should surely be considered magicians.

But it’s a challenging task to ensure so many components work well together, which explains why we have bad movies.


Although there are many differences between Blue Pony and a Hollywood film production , I believe the same principle of magic applies.  Not that we are setting out to top the next Scorsese film here, but we must be mogicians (a person with magical creative powers in the fields of animation and motion design) who work effectively and harmoniously together to create good pieces of work.  As our company continues to grow, our possibilities are becoming more and more exciting. Who knows, maybe one day we will be contributing to the next big Scorsese film!

BlaykeFeaturedBlayke Kaufman
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