Creativity Cubed – Innovative Booth Design


Blue Pony

DWP Live


Fabrication/Creative: Blue Pony

Projection: DWP Live

Additonal Information

DWP Live

Exhibitor 2014


3 weeks


When we realized that Blue Pony had the chance to push boundaries with our booth at Exhibitor 2014, we leapt at the opportunity.

The design of our booth not only needed to grab the attention of conference attendees, but also highlight our abilities as a design studio while satisfying our ambition to tackle new and complicated creative endeavors. Of course, all this still needed to fit into the 20 ft2 of booth space and be finished in to time ship it across the country for the start of the show.

It all added up to just the sort of challenge we thrive on!


Even though the end experience will be totally digital, our designs often begin in a much more traditional medium. Brandon started by sketching up some ideas for the booth design and interactive components.


Once we settled on design parameters, it was time to dig into the meat of the project. Test renders let us quickly visualize the effects before getting to the final render process.



By deciding to take projection mapping into the 3rd dimension, we custom-made our huge, person-sized cube and centered it as the focal point of the booth. This gave us an enormous and unusual central canvas to showcase our work on, which was complimented by two large video screens on either side of the cube.


The booth was designed to be interactive for the audience, allowing individual users to control which animated sequence played. Each sequence was kept short so several could be played in quick succession, as we’re well aware of how quickly attendees move through a big conference.


The feedback we got at the show and immediately following let us know that we successfully made our goal: Leave a big impression and make it stick.

We’re not comfortable resting for long, though. In fact, we’re already brainstorming how we’ll top this at next year’s exhibition.