We’ve got your interactive needs covered.

Interactive media can be used in any environment on a variety of platforms.  At Blue Pony we’ve built apps to help companies organize sales tools, market new services, create games for promotional purposes, and wow potential clients on trade show floors.

Seamlessly blending technology and design, interactive media gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience in a new way.  Blue Pony has the skill and experience to design user friendly apps that are effective and captivating.

How to Use Interactive Media


In a world where almost everyone has a smartphone, mobile apps are an effective tool for your company to reach end-users. Blue Pony can develop, design, and program a custom mobile app just for you.

Touch Screens

Touch screens are a part of our daily lives.  Do you know how to fully utilize their potential?  Touch screens encourage interaction in a new and exciting way.  At Blue Pony, we’ve developed dozens of touch screen apps for a variety of applications.  Use one to grab attention and assist your sales team on the trade show floor, or as an information display in your corporate HQ.  Touch screens come in all shapes and sizes, from an iPad to an entire wall of immersive LCD monitors, and offer a memorable experience for your audience.


Like touch screen apps, kiosks are quickly becoming an integral part of retail spaces, corporate offices, trades shows, universities and more!  Interactive information and wayfinding kiosks can do much more than just display a map.  Give users real time information about schedules, sales, upcoming events, and much more.  At Blue Pony we can develop a kiosk design and application that will effectively convey information to your audience.

Product Catalogs

Interactive product catalogs are an incredibly powerful sales tool.  Imagine having instant access to all of your products, categorized in way that makes it easy for your salespeople to tailor your product offerings to a specific client.  Easily organize all your products and store images, videos, and pdf brochures all on your tablet or phone.  Email requested info to potential clients on the spot.  Say goodbye to bulky and expensive paper catalogs.  Say hello to the ease of a product catalog that grows and changes with your company.  Choose a custom Interactive product catalog designed by Blue Pony.

Great content is the key to effective interactive media.  Quality information, attractive graphics, and a convenient, easy-to-use interface will engage your users and insure your success.

The Process

  1. Development and Programming
  2. Content Creation and Management
  3. Installation
  4. ROI and ROO Evaluation

If you have questions about our capabilities, be sure to contact a Blue Pony Rep today. We work hard to make you look good!