Presentations for Corporate Meetings, Trade Shows, Training Videos and Events

Almost everyone has heard of Microsoft’s software program known as PowerPoint. Since its birth some 25 years ago, it has become the gold standard for corporate presentations. Through the years competing programs have cropped up, claiming to be better in some way. Maybe they are, but Microsoft still sits at the top in terms of market penetration.

PowerPoint is a great way to present, but software is only half the battle. Visual media today is more than just text on a screen. A good presentation should make you look good. At Blue Pony we don’t try to reinvent software someone else has created. Instead, we help you get the most out of the tool you choose. We’re here for you, whether you’re using PowerPoint, Keynote, or some other software.

"Presentation Pointers"Our design team is ready for you. A good presentation starts out with the development of custom slide templates that go beyond the basic templates provided. Blue Pony can create a look and feel for PowerPoint that fits you like a glove. Consistent to your brand, complimentary to your message, and impressive to your audience.

To go along with your custom PowerPoint template, handpicked images, illustrations, graphs, and more can help highlight your message. Custom videos for your PowerPoint presentation are the icing on the cake. Your presentation will be more engaging when you provide your audience a break from you for a moment while they watch a visually stunning video that flows well, doesn’t stutter, and attracts your audience to the message. It gives you a quick breather too. Once the video stops you are ready to attack the next topic.

There is no doubt you have an important message to deliver. We believe your audience would like to experience it the best way possible. Blue Pony can help your presentation soar to new heights. We’re the gurus when it comes to making you look good.

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