The trade show floor is the place to put your best foot forward. Trade shows provide unique opportunities to impress your existing clients and attract new consumers. Blue Pony can help you look your best for any occasion. We stay up to date on the latest and greatest technology and will customize your solution to fit your needs–whether it is a small expo to a major trade show. Our team is here to serve you.

Pre-Show Preparation

1. Choose your message. This can be a new product launch, branding stinger, services profile, or whatever it is that’s important to communicate to your audience at the show.

2. Choose your medium. The solutions we provide expound beyond this list, but these are some of the most talked about mediums used on show floors today.

  • Touch Screen Monitors
  • Event & Mobile Apps
  • Animations and Illustrations
  • On-site Video Production
  • Media Content Creation

3. Choose your Design. Blue Pony will create custom content to compliment your message through illustration, animation, audio, voice-over, video, etc.

It’s Our Job, Not Yours

Blue Pony can provide the equipment, content, and take care of the installation for a worry-free, one-stop shop for your trade show designs. Forget about jumping through hoops and overcoming the obstacles that come with trade show planning. Let Blue Pony take care of those issues so you can focus on building customer relationships, promoting your products and services, and looking good on the show floor.

We Can Prove It

Not only do we talk the talk, but we walk the walk. We have experience taking trade show digital content to a whole new level. As new technology grows and makes its way onto the show floors, so does our experience and expertise. Take a look at some turnkey solutions Blue Pony has provided in the past.