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UpgradeNow.Org TV Commercial

Drumroll please! Blue Pony designed an animated TV commercial for UpgradeNow.Org, the first project Blue Pony has created for television broadcasting. One of Blue Pony’s designers used text-driven animation to create clean, simple, and energetic commercials. Here you will find three 10-second commercials promoting healthier habits by UpgradeNow.Org.

Animation is such a dynamic tool in advertising because it can build a brand. This is an example of text-driven animation which really means we integrated text, logos or pictures, audio, and content. The key is making sure all of those components communicate the exact message you want your customers to hear.

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Biomet Sports Medicine Sales Comic

The Biomet Sports Medicine Sales Team gathered this year in celebration of their 20 years of excellent service, as well as to begin planning for 2012. This year they contacted Blue Pony to find a new way to pump up the sales team…with a comic-themed video. Blue Pony illustrated the entire comic from start to finish. We created personalized “heros” and “villains” for the comic dual between competing product brands.
The comic was a dream come true for the sales manager, who surprised the staff with the themed, week-long sales meeting.
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