While building an app is a serious endeavor, it is also the best way for your business to communicate, educate, train, and sell.

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These days, users expect your company to have an app.

But just having an app isn’t enough.

A strong app must:



The number of mobile users is ever growing and they have expectations when it comes to apps. Since first impressions are everything, it’s important for your app to look good and work well. Those two things, appearance and function, are much more closely entwined than many people realize. Design encompasses not only how the app will look, but also how the user will engage with it.

The app needs to match your company’s existing branding while supporting any advertising campaigns and appearance. While functional elements, like buttons, menus, and interactive components must be intuitively understandable to the user.


Whether your app is stylish, hip, functional, shocking, or informative, the usability needs to be clean and clear. Often, companies have a preconceived idea of what their app should consist of, but they lack the perspective to truly understand how the user will navigate the app.

That’s where we can help. Our knowledge of how people prefer to use mobile and touchscreen applications means your app is going to deliver. The flow of content and how the user accesses it is just as important as how it beautiful it looks.


Positive user engagement takes more than a great-looking user interface and effective navigation. The objective of a successful app is to create a virtual conversation with the user. Effective engagement means delivering a custom experience where the user accesses useful or desired information at their fingertips. This can take the form of a virtual estimator, visualizer, or calculator.

Engagement offers an opportunity to keep the conversation going with your users. Let them opt-in for more communications, like newsletters, special offers, incentives, product specs, or additional collateral. Incorporate social media access to increase your visibility while taking advantage of pre-existing systems and popularity.


Even basic session tracking provides valuable information to help you understand your users and how they interact with the app. More detailed analytics, like engagement data, risk statistics, or predictive analysis can offer additional insight to your users’ behavior. These meaningful patterns of data allow you to update your app and improve the user experience.

Sales and marketing follow up is more meaningful and specific when utilizing user interest data gathered from the app. Separate yourself from the competition by using your app to not only communicate with your users, but to understand them better, too.


Knowledge is power – the power to attract, retain, engage, and track users. So, use the information you gained by tracking user data to identify the most popular areas of your app as well as any areas that are under-performing.

Understanding the metrics on your app is what will enable you to see ROI. Knowing how users are utilizing your app means you can keep it current and relevant. Effective updates and positive revisions bring user loyalty by creating a sincere connection with your user base. With your app, you’ll only be a single touch away at all times.


The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your app.

When building an app, certain features stand out as popular choices.
Learn about them in greater detail by exploring the categories below.

Engage Your Audience

Enhancing the experience of the user

Attract Loop or Screensaver

An introductory video animation grabs the attention of a user and invites them to engage with the app.

High Quality Media

Including rich media, like interactive graphics or video, enhance the user experience.

Advanced 3D Content

Interactive modules allow users to orbit, explore, and engage with 3D models and environments.

Calculation & Graphing Tools

Walk your users through complex computations with the ease of modern technology.

Interactive Modules

Custom designs can be made to fit any specific need, from visualization to computation.

Social Media Integration

Harness the popularity and power of established social networks to strengthen your app.


Sales & Marketing Benefits

Improving usability and engagement

Email Opt-in

Obtain an email address for follow-up with your user and so you can continue the conversation even when they aren’t using your app.

Resource Library

Share marketing resources like videos, presentations and documents. These items can be viewed within the app or sent to the user via email.

Language Localization

Accommodate multiple languages and update app content on the fly with a language control option inside an admin panel, or allow the app to automatically detect language settings on the device.

Desktop Flexibility

Touchscreen apps can be developed so they function in a traditional computer environment as well.

Dynamic Content

Page content can be changed on the fly, according to specific user input or selections.

Increase Your ROI

Maximizing functionality and convenience

CMS Control

A content management system, or CMS, is portal (usually on the web) that allows you to edit and add content on your application, which you can then push out to every user at once. Having CMS access means app can be updated and maintained without the need for additional programming.


Data such as session duration, click path, and more can be tracked locally with an app. It can then be pushed to a web console, providing access to a broader team with greater accessibility.

Admin Controls

Admin panels allow you to determine the arrangement or availability of content and modules within the app. This allows one app to fit multiple needs, saving your budget.

Lead Qualifier

Take analytics a step further by including measurement prompts throughout the app. This ‘qualifying layer’ records the user’s path through the app while gauging their interest in specified options. That detailed data gives sales teams new insight into their clients.



Our 5-step process takes the stress and confusion out of application development.



1 Concept

Our team will work with you to conceptualize an application that matches the vision and needs of your company.

2 Design

A designer will develop an extensive and detailed mockup of the application, letting you pre-approve the look and style of the user interface.

3 Programming

Once the design is approved, it’s time for the programming team to take the reins. The process of turning the static designs into the complex interactive app usually takes at least 8 weeks.

4 Test

After the initial programming period, an alpha build of the application will be delivered for internal review.

5 Release

When the interactivity and design of the app have met with final approval, it’s time to release it to your target audience.

Whether you’re ready to get started, or simply have questions about what might be the best solution for your specific needs, give us a call or fill out the information below.

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