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Sometimes it IS all fun and games!

Last week, Blue Pony was in Las Vegas at the 2015 EventTech Conference. We built a custom game for the show, utilizing Microsoft Kinect technology.

The game lets players use their hands to catch falling casino chips, preventing them from falling off the screen. As the 30 second game session continues, the chips begin to fall faster, increasing the difficulty. Each of the four chip types have different values, which encourages the player to think fast and develop a strategy if they want to earn a spot on the scoreboard.

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Stage being built on set

Stage being assembled

Part of the stage that Nathan Grepke from Blue Pony built. Still more to go up. Can’t wait to see the final. Just another thing to add to the Blue Pony “Can Do” list!

Feeding Time


The Ponies had a breakfast carry-in today. Wow… it has to be nap time now!Blue Pony Feeding Time

Feeding Time??

Feeding TimeBlue Pony Team working through their lunch to meet deadlines. Dedication is the key to a stable stable… GO PONY POWER!!

Blue Pony… Work or Play?

Blue Pony is hard at WORK today PLAYING poker. Really... Blue Pony on a video shoot for client.

Blue Pony is hard at WORK today PLAYING poker. Really… Blue Pony is on a video shoot for client. Just one of the many talents of the Ponies!