Custom Holiday Greetings













Are you one of those companies that sends out a generic printed Holiday Card?

You know the kind: a snowy night, a star shining down on a quaint cabin, and gold foil snowflakes falling gently…

Don't be these guys!

Don’t be these guys!













At Blue Pony, we’re here to stop the sappy, sappy madness.

Enter the crazy, unique, and wildly imaginative Animated Holiday Greeting.

Celebrate the Season in style with a custom animation that will knock your clients’ socks off and
keep them talking long after the fruit cake, ham, and green bean casserole induced food coma has worn off.

Blue Pony can help you dream up an amazing digital greeting that  would make the sugar plum fairy proud.

Watch our Holiday Demo reel to envision the possibilities.

But hurry, December 25th will be here before you can say “Saint Nick”!

For more info or to get a quote contact us via email or phone: 260-969-1020





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