The E3 show floor has now opened, attendees are dashing to the biggest and brightest booths, and we are proudly watching in the background as our content projects in the booth! That’s right, for those of you who may be at the show, head over to the Wargaming booth (#601) to witness several different areas of projection mapping and a dome full of game trailers and recorded game play.

We will be projecting Wargaming’s new game trailers, logo animations, and plenty of motion design on a massive stretch of banners with a Barco NX 4 LED screen located dead center lighting up the booth. We have also 3-D mapped a F22 World War II era fighter plane and are projecting segments of Wargaming’s World of Warplanes among other content right onto the plane. And for even more excitement, Wargaming has put up a huge dome in their booth for a complete 360 experience to witness a first look at Wargaming’s new World of Warships, yet another massive multiplayer online game.

This booth has so much to take in and we cannot wait to share more videos with you to show off all of our hard work! But for now, here is a little preview… @ E3 from Blue Pony – Visual Media Design on Vimeo.

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