How Content Affects Communication and Engages Consumers

posted by Evan
September 19, 2014

It’s no surprise we’re in a technology boom. In 1997, only 18% of American households had computers. In 2014, that number has jumped to over 75%. Computers are getting smaller, phones and tablets are getting larger. Ironically, each of these devices practically operates and function the same. But, they are all great means to better and faster communication.


It’s important to keep up with technology in the business world.

As we have all adapted to fast paced technology, so has the way we have adapted to communication at home and in the work place through email, text messages, instant messages, social media viral videos, blogs, online newsletters, search engines and more. Playdates are just a click away. Videos can be shot, edited and published all on one device. There are endless opportunities and resources to communication.

Now that we have access to just about anything within seconds, consumer attention spans have decreased significantly. With so many programs and apps pulled up on our devices, we bounce from one to the other without even realizing. The ads, apps, programs and websites that are the most ascetically pleasing to the eye are the ones we get addicted or sucked into the most.


People need an engaging, visual presentation to keep them interested.

Have you ever sat in a presentation with zero visual aids and completely spaced out the entire time?  Sure, the presenter knew what they were talking about, but nothing except a brochure was provided.


This presenter is keeping his audience involved with nice visual aids.

Had the presenter used at least some sort of visual presentation or example to share, it would have brought a little more life and engagement into the meeting. Whether it’s advertising or marketing to consumers or a corporate event or presentation, your message is certainly important, but the way it’s conveyed and delivered visually is key.

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