Blue Pony developed an application for 3Rivers Federal Credit Union to complement their mission of offering innovative solutions with an emphasis on paperless services in a high-tech interactive environment.  The application was installed in a 65″ touch screen located in their new location, and will quickly provide information to their members in an easy and interactive way.

The home page of the app features a rotating 3-D , interactive logo for users to navigate to the areas they are interested in learning more about and a short questionnaire. Once you enter one of the three sectors of the logo, the app has many attributes allowing members to learn about 3Rivers’ wide array of programs from business solutions to car loans and much more. There is also a feature in each program page to email information and applications to themselves so members can fill out electronic applications for loans and other items and discus with an associate in their own time.

Here is a look at the interactive in action on the grand opening day at 3Rivers.

The application built by Blue Pony will also be able to be used on 3River FCU’s many new Ipads.  The Ipads will be placed in many of their smaller offices for associates to use with members at their branches.The app was created to start the process of getting rid of the paper trails at 3Rivers FCU. They are going digital.

Along with the app, Blue Pony also created a interactive, digital ribbon cutting celebration for the opening of 3Rivers FCU’s new location off of Scott Road in Fort Wayne.

Indiana News Center covered the ribbon cutting ceremony and the Journal Gazette dives deeper into3 River FCU’s plans for future technology growth in each of their 18 locations.

Below is the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at 3Rivers’ new location.

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