Blue Pony designed an advertisement for the Aria Casino in Las Vegas featuring the Jean George Steakhouse. Aria came to Blue Pony desiring to create an advertisement for the restaurant that would increase brand recognition and brand recall. The casino had implemented other digital signage advertisements for the restaurant, but the message was not being communicated to its viewers. Blue Pony’s goal was to incorporate the Jean George logo in as many ways throughout the advertisement in hopes of informing guests of the steakhouse and promoting its unique atmosphere. Aria wanted to provide viewers with a snapshot of what a fine dining experience would look like at the Jean George Steakhouse within the video, because they felt that their previous efforts did not showcase the restaurant’s originality.

The digital signage was displayed among various screens within the casino, on end-caps, and throughout the hotel. The advertisement began running on the casino’s digital signage network in May 2011.

Aria had previously had an advertisement for the restaurant, but they were not achieving their desired results; guests did not recognize the restaurant’s brand, nor did they know about the unique dining experience it offered. Blue Pony was faced with the challenge of incorporating the Jean George Steakhouse logo, a bull’s nose, into the video in a repetitive, recognizable way without it appearing overdone.

The advertisement also needed to fit into the environment of the casino and hotel, and be able to communicate with many audiences due to the amount of locations this digital signage would be viewed.

To overcome the challenges we faced with this particular project, the Blue Pony design team was intentional with every detail, transition, and special effect to reflect the Jean George Steakhouse logo and brand. The images and scenes within the video communicated more than a restaurant’s design, it encompassed the temperature, mood, and environment of a dining experience. This allowed the video to be transcendent of the room it was viewed within; it attracted and communicated with more than one crowd or one audience.

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