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NI & the IIoT


2 months


National Instruments came to Blue Pony needing an interactive application to explain to their customers how their products fit into the Industrial Internet of Things.

“Sure! We can do that,” we said.

“What is the Industrial Internet of Things?” we said.

Well, the Industrial Internet of Things (or IIoT) refers to the digital connection of sensors, actuators, hardware, networks and systems in the industrial world. We quickly realized both how integral NI’s products are to the IIoT and how complicated these systems can be. Making this easy for users to comprehend became priority number one.



The application would represent a hypothetical city, connected by the IIoT, with nine key locations where the user could “dive deeper” to learn how NI was integrated into the systems there. This city would be illustrated in an isometric style, which helped make a lot of otherwise complicated imagery easy for the viewer to process and navigate.


This isometric style meant keeping every line and shape of the illustration constrained to an angled grid. This meant that elements could be drawn by different designers and still fit perfectly together on the map when it was all done.


Designing the user interface meant keeping it as minimal and easy-to-understand as possible. Since the information being presented was complicated and technical at times, it was important to make sure the user would never be confused by the application itself. The clean, flat UI style fit with the isometric illustration of the city and made it easy for anyone to navigate the app.


City Map_Mission Statement

The final application also let the user sign up to receive emails with relevant information about the IIoT. This provided NI with a list of interested leads, helping their sales team and boosting their effectiveness in trade show environments where the app was utilized.

Additionally, Blue Pony has developed localized versions of the IIoT app for multiple countries. With the ability to use just one interactive app in multiple languages, this project will live for much longer than a single trade show.