Transparent Touch Screen Product Reveal


Cummins Emissions Solutions


Fabrication: Hamilton Exhibits

Creative: Blue Pony


6 weeks


The tradeshow floor is a great place to reveal new, innovative products and cutting edge technology. Cummins Emissions Solutions approached Blue Pony with that exact objective: to reveal a revolutionary product for the trucking industry in an engaging and unique way that would draw in attendees and create buzz. In order to highlight the compact size of the new emissions filter, including a physical example of the product in the experience was one of the client’s objectives. Blue Pony was tasked with creating an engaging way for users to not only see the product in person, but to also interact and learn more through interactivity.


Our team began exploring and comparing / contrasting the benefits of various interactive experiences ranging from projection mapping, augmented reality, interactive touch tables, gesture based holograms, and transparent touchscreens. Each potential solution was explored in the context of the product reveal and tradeshow atmosphere. The client loved the idea of combining a physical product with an interactive touchscreen overlay detailing various features and callouts on the module itself. After this option was selected, we began designing user interface wireframes and concept layouts. A custom display case containing two transparent touch screens, internal lighting, and two computers to run the application was designed and built to fit the style of the client’s existing booth property. The dual screen feature allowed users on both sides of the display to interact simultaneously. Live testing prior to launch allowed for our team to fine tune lighting, UI layout, and overall experience details.

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The display was a huge success at the show and had attendees talking! The client was excited to see their new innovative product revealed in such an engaging and unique way that drew in many visitors. They plan to use this same concept to feature other products at multiple shows and events in the near future.

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