Sometimes it IS all fun and games!

Last week, Blue Pony was in Las Vegas at the 2015 EventTech Conference. We built a custom game for the show, utilizing Microsoft Kinect technology.

The game lets players use their hands to catch falling casino chips, preventing them from falling off the screen. As the 30 second game session continues, the chips begin to fall faster, increasing the difficulty. Each of the four chip types have different values, which encourages the player to think fast and develop a strategy if they want to earn a spot on the scoreboard.

Sure, the game is fun to play, but here’s the best part: Blue Pony can customize it for you!

  • Don’t want to commit to poker chips or the ‘Las Vegas’ theme? Have another concept in mind? No problem.
  • Want players to catch custom tokens, branded with your logo? Sure thing.
  • Want a greater difference in chip values? Or maybe you’d rather they play for real money? We can do that.
  • Maybe you only want each game to last 15 seconds? Or extend to a full minute? Yep. We can do that, too.
  • Too easy? Maybe add in tokens that your players have to avoid so they don’t lose points? We’ve got you covered.

And that’s just the beginning of the list! We can also integrate a badge scanner to allow the game to interface with lead capture software. This ties the appropriate information to each player, automatically placing them on the leader board (if they score high enough) and giving you the opportunity to communicate with these potential clients after the show. You can even send alerts to their smart phones, informing them if they’ve won a prize or if they’ve fallen off the scoreboard.

This game is just one example of how Blue Pony can help attract and keep visitors entertained in your trade show booth or event. Depending on your needs, we can leverage our existing games, or build something completely custom for you. It’s your call.

Contact us today for more information.

Casino Catch in action

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