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Sales literature encompasses all the materials your company utilizes to sell products and services to your clients. TACFILE keeps all your literature in one location, so it’s easily accessible on the trade show floor, in the office, or on the road with your sales team.

It puts you in control of customer interaction, allowing you to connect with them and establish a personalized line of communication that you could never have with printed sales materials.

It also lets you to synchronize and update your collateral across an entire sales team, so you’ll never have outdated material in the field.

It’s time to ditch print.


Strengthen your brand.


1 Tailor it to your brand.

To begin with, we’ll customize the user interface to match your company’s brand. Both the iPad app and the CMS website will take on the look of your logo, color palette, and fonts, to create the look of a custom-designed app for your sales team.

2 Make it your own.

Then, we’ll set up a secure content management system for you and/or preferred users under a unique domain name. Once you have your passwords, uploading content is a snap.

3 Put it to use.

You’re ready to go! Start distributing your sales collateral to clients. With a yearly hosting arrangement, you won’t have to worry about neglecting your sales collateral ever again.


Keep your sales arsenal easy to navigate with personalized options.

• Flexible tagging system

• Define custom categories

• Organize media into trade show sets

• Optional attract loop

• Kiosk-mode for customer-led interactions


Navigate and display every piece of your sales collateral from one convenient application.

• Powerful search function

• Printer compatible

• Multipage support

• Pan-and-zoom functionality

• Email clients directly

• Caches data if wireless connection is lost

• View analytics on a per-trade show, per-file, or per-user basis

Native support for:




Video Files


Image Files



Convenient CMS

Dynamically edit and add categories through an intuitive web interface.

• Build content into individual trade shows

• Add & edit media from one simple location

• Effortlessly utilize the media manager

• Quickly filter library content

• Push updated content sets to all users

Communicate better with your clients.

We’re offering you the convenience, savings, & flexibility you’ve been looking for.

all for under



 Available for the iPad.

   Coming soon to Android devices.

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