The Life In Our Years

posted by Evan
June 27, 2014

10 years old. The perfect age for a pony!

Strong, mature, even-tempered and well-rounded in abilities. Yep – that’s us!



Now that we’re almost through our first full month of what finally feels like summer, some of us are beginning to take advantage of the nice weather and planning family vacations.




It’s a great time for the ponies to get out there and mingle with local businesses and communities as well. A few of us had the opportunity to attend this week’s Social Media Breakfast here in Fort Wayne and we made a few new friends along the way! We love the opportunity to grow within our city and community.

Mingling is always fun, but even more fun in the summer time! Aaaaand, speaking of summer, did you know Blue Pony will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary on July 1st? Where has the time gone?




We are celebrating the years we’ve put into building this stable by remembering all the hard work, happy tears and rewarding joys that have come from each and every project! From the beginning of everything when Blue Pony was simply churning out stock video clips with just one employee, one desk and one computer…



(Nathan? Is that you?)


And now we’ve grown into a highly skilled and talented design firm. We are continuously improving and providing a wide variety of cutting edge capabilities and services! We’ve come a long way and look forward to the next decade to see where the green pastures take the pony team as we continue to grow and meet new people all over the world.



(Still so many pastures to explore and room to grow)


So contact us for concept development, projection mapping, custom applications, digital signage, animation or anything that involves creative motion design. Join us as we look forward to celebrating the next decade to come!

EvanFeaturedEvan Figg
is an Account Executive at Blue Pony

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