VFX Compositing Techniques

After 6 months of VFX Compositing classes, learning the ins and outs of color correction, CG lighting, and 2 programs that I had never used before(Nuke and Maya), a new respect was discovered for the artists who create the special effects we see in films. My interest in this industry started at a young age, after seeing Jurassic Park.


The first dinosaur we see!


Then, there’s that first glimpse of the T-Rex! Unforgettable!

While I’ve never been able to look at goats or glasses of water the same, I became curious, wanting to understand how they created the dinosaurs and layered them perfectly with live action environments. Set extensions, deep compositing, puzzle mattes, and camera projection were all advanced topics unknown to me at the beginning. Although developing my skills is a daunting adventure, I love being able to visualize what is happening behind the curtain to create captivating scenes like we’ve all seen in Jurassic Park.

Below is an example of a lighting scene I was able to work on:


Some lighting to match the live action plate

Ogres_live action combined

CG elements added to plate…no mattes, or color correction.


Final composite


Green screen techniques are essential as well!

 Green screen

Learning these specific set of skills was incredibly rewarding and I’m excited to bring these into our studio!

TonyFeatured3Tony Rudny
is a Designer at Blue Pony

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