What is a Blue Pony?

posted by Karey
June 6, 2014

I knew I wanted to work for this company as soon as I heard the name. Because, well, I love ponies and always have!

You see, I was 22 months old when I competed in my first horse show, so I’m not exaggerating when I say that horses have always been a part of my life.

To heck with diamonds, horses are truly a girl's best friend.

To heck with diamonds, horses are truly a girl’s best friend.

From then on, my passion for horses has driven my life and lifestyle. I have always had a pair (or 40 pairs) of boots as part of my wardrobe. A pickup truck and horse trailer have always been parked in my driveway.

No better footwear in the world.

No better footwear in the world.

I’ve shown horses in both western pleasure & halter competitions and now have become an avid trail rider as well. Now, some people think trail riding is just wide open, boring paths, but if you are up for a challenge, you can really make it fun. My adrenaline gets going when navigating up a steep hill full of switchbacks. And you know, what goes up… must come down, which makes the return trip exciting!

Throughout my life I’ve chosen to forge my own path, and it’s no different on horseback! Cross country trail blazing is a thrill because you’re not following someone else’s route, but making your own. You never know quite what to expect.

Sure beats the interstate!

Sure beats the interstate.

Now… don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a leisurely ride through the woods as much as the next country girl, so I don’t always have to have the adrenaline pumping. Although if the squirrel spooks your horse, you never know where you may end up! It wouldn’t be the first or last time I’ve hit the ground, but I continue to get up and get back on.

That’s another rule I try to follow in life. Always get back on that horse and complete your journey. My horses and I have to be in shape in order to handle 8-10 hours in the saddle when we head out for a fun-filled day of riding. I’ll never give up trail riding! How else could I spend so many hours with my wonderful horse while getting to enjoy the beauty of nature?

So, now that you understand where I’m coming from, allow me to tell you a little about Blue Pony in “my” language.

My background is print media, but when the opportunity came to move into the digital world, I knew it was the right lead for me. I’m doing my best to keep up with the young fillies, and I can say I’ve learned the ins and outs of so much new technology I used to think I’d never even understand. This ol’ mare even has a smartphone these days, and I don’t feel like I’m going to colic when using it.

Filly is just a metaphor. I don't actually have any equestrian coworkers.

Filly is just a metaphor. I don’t actually have any equestrian coworkers.

I have seen many different gaits throughout each month, but the ponies love being at a full gallop. If you are bucking and rearing to get noticed at your next trade show or live event, give Blue Pony a call and let us take the reins to give you a leg up in the saddle. We want to help make you look good.

Bucking/rearing (explained for the city folk out there)

Bucking/rearing (depicted for the city folk out there)

What a great mix of talent in our stable. From our sales team that is full of endurance, to our “mogician” designers, to our admin staff that corrals the herd, the Blue Pony team has excellent confirmation.

We make sure the designers are fed and watered daily.

We make sure the designers are fed and watered daily.

Don’t get ring sour with the same ol’ boring presentations. Head outside of the paddock, take a look across the wide-open range and dream of how Blue Pony can put some chrome into your event. If you can dream it, Blue Pony can create it. If you want to look collected and get a blue ribbon with successful content, don’t say “Whoa!” to Blue Pony.


Give us a call today and say “Giddy-up and go!”

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